All home groups are open to all ages and & stages of life! However, we have described some groups by their majority makeup so as to give you a fair warning about what kind of group you will be entering if visiting for the first time.
B. Canfield Home Group
-Led by Ben Canfield
-Begins at 6:00pm
-Mostly young married couples with small children.
McClune Home Group
-Led by Matt McClune & Jonathan Tabakian
-Begins at 6:00pm
-Mostly young marred couples with small children.
Kee Home Group
-Led by Tommy Kee & Randy Carroll
-Begins at 6:30pm
Sharron Home Group
-Led by Mark Sharron
-Begins at 6:30pm
Hathaway Home Group
-Led by Wallace Blackstock
-Begins at 4pm